Driving without Insurance in Georgia and South Carolina

Thinking of driving without insurance in Georgia or South Carolina? There are steep penalties and fines if you are caught.

For more information on driving without a license or with a suspended licence in South Carolina click here.

Georgia law requires a vehicle to be continuously insured. Be sure to read more about the vehicle owner's responsibilities in regards to insurance coverage.

This department is required by law to suspend and/or revoke the registration of any vehicle in this state that is not continuously insured with mandatory motor vehicle liability insurance.

The insurer must electronically transmit insurance coverage information, within thirty days of the date the coverage is to begin, to this department’s insurance database. Insurers must also electronically transmit insurance information pertaining to terminations of vehicle liability insurance coverage to the insurance database. To learn more, check out our Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Policies - Insurer's Responsibilities section.


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